Healing Infection, Inflammation, and Swelling with Magnets

Here is something that others have encouraged me to post online.

I went walking in the ocean one Sunday, and got stung by a stingray on the top of my right foot.  Ow!  I started limping immediately.

The lifeguards put my foot in hot water, checked the wound for the barb (none), and let me go. It bled enough.  It was tough to walk on it. I limped back to the car.

Unlike when I sprained my ankle at different times, this time the foot stayed swollen. I noticed that what seemed to be a liquid inside the foot moved to each side of the foot when I sat on my heels.  That is, when I eventually could sit on my heels, after a number of days.

I could only wear my really old loose sneakers.  If I tried to put on my regular shoe, or new sneakers, my foot was too big, and it hurt to get it in.  When I put my flip flops on, the straps  pushed the liquid away from the straps.

I tried some home treatments:  Topical anti biotic. Epsom salts and hot water. Topical colloidal silver.
On the Friday, the swelling still had not gone down.  I couldn’t put my foot into my shoes.
That weekend, I decided to see if my violet ray machine would make a difference.
As I watched TV, I ran the violet ray over the swollen parts of the foot.  Surprisingly the swelling started going down.  After an hour, it was noticeably different!  Especially on the bone on the side of the ankle.  I thought, wow!  
The next morning, the skin was really red.  Partly because of the swelling, but I think also because of the violet ray.  
I noticed the swelling seemed to disappear during the night.  And then after I awoke, it got bigger during the day.  Was it because the foot was almost “elevated” while I was sleeping?  And when I was awake and walking around, the foot had all the blood flow down to it?
After another few days, I noticed my book by Davis and Rawls, The Magnetic Effect.  I took some powerful neodymium disk magnets, about the size of a dime, nickel, and quarter, and taped them to my foot where the swelling was big, or where it was tender to touch.  
According to Davis and Rawls, the rule of thumb is that the north pole will hinder growth, and the south pole will increase growth.  If you want to hinder inflammation and infection, use the north pole.  So, I taped the north pole to my skin.  
The swelling moved away from the magnets.  There was still fluid there.  But it wasn’t under the magnets, but between them now. 
I found magnetic treatment to be easier to do than the violet ray.  The violet ray I had to take off my sock, hold the machine, and babysit it.  But the thin magnets, I could tape to the foot, put my sock back on, and maybe my shoe, walk around, and go about my business.  I could even sleep with them on too. 
After another week, the swelling went down, and the foot was pretty close to what it was before. There was a hard area where the sting occurred.  But over time, this went away too. 
Hope it’s useful.
For more information, do check out The Magnetic Effect by Davis and Rawls
First aid for a stingray sting:
I’m told that a good first aid cure for sting ray stings is meat tenderizer.  The sting is protein based.  The meat tenderizer breaks the protein down.  Too bad the lifeguards didn’t have any that day.
This is of course, in addition to hot water, which did really work well.   But if you are in the middle of the ocean, with no hot water …  

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  1. thanks rodger…we are mostly dirt and water. when we injure ourselves, it is a real lesson to see the true nature of our make up. magnets work because we are mainly minerals in a solution of water…so when we exercise the physics of negative and positive poles, we can help with circulation and healing. good for you to use light and magnets to increase movement and to kill the inflammation so that the wound did not fester. the chinese, which i have in my blood admires your ability to think outside the western box…moneca.ca

  2. thanks a lot – just started using magnets to stop an infection that took my finger – past surgery even increased the problem – secretion looks like gel… I'll let you know the result (some sites say it takes about two weeks to complete this magnetic healing process)

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